Miniature Horse Diets

29 Jul 2021

It is vital that miniature horse owners know how to feed their animals properly. The key is to give them the nutrients they need without overfeeding them. Whenever you are unsure, you should consult a vet for advice. This is especially true if the horse has any dietary conditions.

Transporting Miniature Horses

5 Feb 2020

Because miniature horses are so small, transporting them is not a big problem. Most miniature horses will fit in the back of your truck. Just make sure the floor of the truck is not slippery and that you give the horse enough food and water if it's a long journey.

Casino Bonuses

23 Nov 2019

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How to Care for a Miniature Horse as a Pet

2 Nov 2019

If you come from a super-rich family, getting a horse as a pet may not be a problem for you, and why not start with a miniature horse? First of all, they are cute and easy to deal with. They are friendly with children as well.